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Tourism in Morocco, arts, culture, museums, beaches, water sports, relaxation and change of scenery guaranteed!

The landscapes are not to be outdone. Between sea and mountains, bringing together on its territory all the variety of Mediterranean climates and overlooking the sands of the Sahara, Morocco offers magnificent perspectives, paintings that are good to feast on and in which you will enjoy evolving.

Combining the pleasure of varied and enchanting panoramas with the riches of a colorful culture, Morocco is a destination of choice.

Morocco is a multitude of varied landscapes, between beaches, mountains, desert and major urban centers. It is also a country that knows how to combine this diversity with real ecological responsibility.

Morocco is a country resolutely turned towards the future which has managed to preserve its traditions and make its cultural heritage prosper, by promoting them as levers of development.

The city of Marrakech is a perfect example: the Medina district and its souks retain an incomparable charm of yesteryear, while Guéliz and Hivernage offer the most modern facilities and infrastructure. Far from being antagonistic, the association of modernity and tradition embodies Morocco's real strength.

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Pick up Drop Off Number MAX Price (€)
Essaouira Airport Essaouira
4 Passengers 15€
5/8 Passengers 25€
Marrakech Essaouira
4 Passengers 55€
5/8 Passengers 79€
Agadir Essaouira 4 Passengers 60€
5/8 Passengers 75€
Airport Agadir Essaouira 4 Passengers 65€
5/8 Passengers 79€
Imessouane Essaouira 4 Passengers 50€
5/8 Passengers 65€
Casablanca Essaouira 4 Passengers 125€
5/8 Passengers 149€
Rabat Essaouira 4 Passengers 165€
5/8 Passengers 189€
Tanger Essaouira 4 Passengers 299€
5/8 Passengers 349€
Chefchaouen Essaouira 4 Passengers 330€
5/8 Passengers 350€
Taroudant Essaouira 4 Passengers 119€
5/8 Passengers 149€
Oualidia Essaouira 4 Passengers 85€
5/8 Passengers 100€
Eljadida Essaouira 4 Passengers 99€
5/8 Passengers 119€
Ouarzazate Essaouira 4 Passengers 129€
5/8 Passengers 149€
Fez Essaouira 4 Passengers 299€
5/8 Passengers 349€
Essaouira Merzouga
4 Passengers 400€
5/8 Passengers 500€
Marrakech Casablanca 4 Passengers 94€
5/8 Passengers 119€
Casablanca Agadir 4 Passengers 199€
5/8 Passengers 219€
Marrakech Agadir 4 Passengers 95€
5/8 Passengers 119€
Marrakech Fez 4 Passengers 250€
5/8 Passengers 300€

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