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Taxi Arganier offers you its Marrakech taxi services to national stations and airports. With its recent and comfortable car fleet and its experienced drivers, Taxi Arganier offers you a taxi Transfer from Marrakech to Casablanca with quality shuttles. Take a taxi in Casablanca or to the capital? Catch a flight quickly thanks to the taxi service at Casablanca airport or taxi at Rabat airport? Everything is possible. Professional taxis, quality service in Morocco and Marrakech exactly.

Look no further! You found...

* Experienced taxi drivers. for 10 years we have been active in the tourist transport sector from Marrakech to Casablanca

* Punctuality; for Taxi Arganier it is our spearhead. This is for us the priority of priorities. Being on time with our customers. A great start to a stress-free trip to Casablanca.

* A taxi from Marrakech to Casa cheap in relation to the service. Our prices are regulated and without supplement or other surprises...

*Recent and comfortable cars. For you and your luggage, even bulky ones. from one to seven passengers on order.

Are you looking for a taxi in Marrakech, Casablanca, Essaouira, Agadir or any other city? Do you like to travel in safe and comfortable cars, with friendly and helpful drivers behind the wheel? Need to be transported safely to or from Marrakech airport to Casablanca, Need a quality round trip to the hospital, train station or cinema? Or do you prefer a driver driving your car to Casablanca or Rabat? Want a taxi to visit family on the Casablanca side via a florist in Marrakech?

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Transfer from Airport Marrakech to Casablanca and others destinations

Routes Destination 1 – 3 4 - 7 More 8
Airport Marrakech Palmeraie 20€ 25€ Quote request
Airport Marrakech Centre ville 15€ 20€ Quote request
Airport Marrakech Guiliz 15€ 20€ Quote request
Airport Marrakech Agdal 15€ 20€ Quote request
Airport Marrakech Casablanca 110€ 130€ Quote request
Airport Marrakech Agadir 100€ 130€ Quote request
Airport Marrakech Essaouira 60€ 80€ Quote request
Airport Marrakech Taghazout 120€ 135€ Quote request
Airport Marrakech Imessouane 120€ 135€ Quote request
Airport Marrakech Mohammedia 160€ 165€ Quote request
Airport Marrakech Rabat 210€ 230€ Quote request
Airport Marrakech Fez 290€ 320€ Quote request
Airport Marrakech Tanger 350€ 380€ Quote request
Airport Marrakech Ouarzazate 100€ 125€ Quote request
Airport Marrakech Tinguir 150€ 180€ Quote request
Airport Marrakech Merzouga 450€ 500€ Quote request
Airport Marrakech Zagora 160€ 190€ Quote request
Airport Marrakech Taroudant 160€ 190€ Quote request
Airport Marrakech Imlil 65€ 85€ Quote request
Airport Marrakech Tiznit 170€ 195€ Quote request
Airport Marrakech Meknès 280€ 330€ Quote request
Airport Marrakech El jadida 120€ 140€ Quote request
Airport Marrakech Youssofia 60€ 75€ Quote request
Airport Marrakech Oualidia 100€ 120€ Quote request
Airport Marrakech Safi 80€ 100€ Quote request
Airport Marrakech Chefchaouen 390€ 440€ Quote request
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Transfer from Marrakech

Routes Destination 1 – 3 4 - 7 More 8
Marrakech Casablanca Airport 100€ 135€ Quote request
Marrakech Casablanca Centre 120€ 140€ Quote request
Marrakech Agadir 100€ 135€ Quote request
Marrakech Taghazout 120€ 140€ Quote request
Marrakech Essaouira 60€ 80€ Quote request
Marrakech Imessouane 120€ 135€ Quote request
Marrakech Ouarzazate 100€ 125€ Quote request
Marrakech Tinguir 150€ 180€ Quote request
Marrakech Merzouga 450€ 500€ Quote request
Marrakech Zagora 160€ 190€ Quote request
Marrakech Rabat 210€ 230€ Quote request
Marrakech Fez 290€ 320€ Quote request
Marrakech Chefchaouen 390€ 440€ Quote request
Marrakech Tanger 350€ 380€ Quote request
Marrakech Taroudant 160€ 190€ Quote request
Marrakech Imlil 65€ 85€ Quote request
Marrakech El jadida 120€ 140€ Quote request
Marrakech Oualidia 100€ 120€ Quote request
Marrakech Safi 80€ 100€ Quote request
Marrakech Mohammedia 160€ 165€ Quote request
Marrakech Tiznit 170€ 195€ Quote request
Marrakech Beni Mellal 100€ 120€ Quote request
Marrakech El jadida (Mazagran) 130€ 150€ Quote request

And much more with Taxis Arganier

Your company is organizing a conference in Casablanca, Rabat… Taxi Arganier takes care of the transfers of your guests from airports and train stations to your conference venue. No worries, Taxi Arganier manages everything for you. Thanks to new technologies, it is easy for our taxi drivers to follow the arrival time live. Your flight is late, we are notified in real time. No waste of time, your taxi drivers are waiting for you ready to take you to your destination

Airport shuttle from Marrakech to Casablanca

In this way, there are no unpleasant surprises for the customer, as many can have with taxis. Heavy traffic is therefore no longer to the detriment of the passenger. Another point of difference is of course the signage, the taxi in Marrakech is clearly visible with the light plate on the roof. While the car of a VTC driver is sober and unmarked.

With a VTC Marrakech in Casablanca, the customer is very careful with the services on board. Moreover, a private driver is attentive and caring. A VTC driver must be in a suit and tie. To respect above all the standards of service to the person in relation to the ethics of the profession. The best alternative to the long-distance TAXI. Try us and experience the difference!

Alternative Taxi Marrakech

This type of transport is currently on the rise. Customers are very close to VTC since the service is personalized. Therefore, the customer pays for a quality chauffeur-driven car service. Do not hesitate to test our services! Your VTC driver to Casablanca from Marrakech is available by reservation.

Welcome to Taxi Marrakech

Welcome to Marrakech and to our website. One day team and the other at night to respond to all your transfer requests. On our site "Taxi Arganier", you can book by contacting us by phone or by filling out the form, with this last means, we estimate the amount of the race. For more info phone or Whatsapp:+212-667-158-272

Taxi Marrakech 24/7

Book a taxi in Marrakech to Casablanca in two clicks. Taxi Arganier offers your Marrakech taxi reservation to all the taxis closest to you thanks to our geolocation application. Our taxi reservation service in Marrakech is available day and night 24/7

Order a taxi at Marrakech train station. We offer a range of services to suit your needs, whatever the distance or time of your reservation. You can book your taxi for up to a year at the advance

Need a taxi driver for a long distance in Casablanca. You can order your taxi immediately or book it for later.Special long distance taxi service
Taxi Arganier transports you everywhere in Morocco for your long distance trips by taxi from / to Casablanca. Ask us for a detailed quote and we will study it together and take advantage of a fixed price, Our customer service will listen to you and help you in the choice of vehicle and in the reservation procedure.

Useful info

Route Duration Km
Taxi Marrakech Essaouira
2h30 190
Taxi Marrakech Agadir
3h5 259
Taxi Marrakech Ouarzazate
4h 193
Taxi Marrakech Casablanca
2h37 243.5
Taxi Marrakech Rabat
3h24 322.9
Taxi Marrakech Tanger
6h 574.1
Taxi Marrakech Saidia
9h30 871.8
Taxi Marrakech Merzouga
9h20 553
Taxi Marrakech Ourika
17min 7.9
Taxi Marrakech Imlil
1h30 66.9

Interesting services for you Marrakech

Your taxi accompanies you on your tourist routes from Marrakech to Casablanca:
Are you on vacation in Marrakech and want to do your sightseeing in Casablanca? Whether it's to go to the seaside, to Casablanca or to other cities like Essaouira, we accompany you in one of our prestigious vehicles

For all your business trips from Marrakech to Casablanca, call on our drivers:
Our vehicles with drivers are at your disposal to transport people, as part of business trips from Marrakech to Casablanca. Need an immediate transfer to/from Marrakech airport? We are available to pick you up quickly and ensure your punctuality.

Call the drivers of Taxi Marrakech

Based in Marrakech, our company Arganier Taxi puts its 10 years of experience at the service of your comfort and tranquility. On a simple call, we are responsive to make all your personal journeys from Marrakech to Casablanca, professional and tourist around Marrakech, but also at a Moroccan level.
Our fleet is made up of 10 air-conditioned and comfortable vehicles, which allow us to take care of your taxi from Marrakech to Casablanca in complete safety, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Calling on our company for your immediate or ordered trips from Marrakech to Casablanca also means benefiting from know-how and skills recognized by the State. Arganier Taxi is the safety and comfort of using a rigorous and professional private driver.

Our taxi rank in Marrakech:
Our taxi drivers mainly park in Marrakech, at Menara airport. We remain at your entire disposal, day and night, to make your taxi journeys from Marrakech to Casablanca.

Our fleet of Marrakech taxis:
Because we are concerned about the quality of our services, we have a fleet of 10 vehicles to meet all your taxi Marrakech Casablanca needs. Fully air-conditioned, our taxis range from high-end vehicles to 8-seater vehicles.

Welcoming taxi drivers at Marrakech airport:
Arganier Taxi puts at your service competent and professional taxi drivers for the realization of your journeys. Our taxi drivers will take you to your destination in the best conditions. Punctual and welcoming, we guarantee friendly taxi rides that meet your expectations.

An experienced driver who adapts to all your requests Marrakech

We know how difficult it can be to get to or leave an airport with peace of mind. You need to find a private driver or a relative, who is ready to drive you even at slightly unusual hours, who is able to bring you on time, who knows the route from Marrakech to Casablanca, and who knows exactly how drive around and park in these very imposing structures that are airports.
Your transfer from Marrakech to Casablanca is done with complete peace of mind. Our great expertise and knowledge of the region ensure smooth and pleasant journeys to the various airports in Morocco, for an arrival or departure that is always on time. Among other things, we offer you, if necessary, a type van to transport all your companions in the greatest comfort, for a total of up to 8 people.

Your shuttle for your transfer for personal or professional reasons

Do you have to fly for an important business meeting with top-notch employees or partners? No problem, our luxury brand business class vans guarantee you a taxi Marrakech Casablanca to or from the airport in the highest standard, during which you can already start working very comfortably.
Take advantage of our expertise for all your trips to Morocco airports, in particular Marrakech, Casablanca, Essaouira, but also other airports on request.

Your outward and return journeys with Marrakech Airport

Need a Taxi from Marrakech to Casabalnca? Outward or return? Need to wait on site? So, for each of your requests, we will offer you a Marrakech Casablanca taxi solution that meets your expectations.

That is why, make your journeys easy, reliable and comfortable with your Taxi company Marrakech Essaouira. You will have access to the greatest facilities with one of the largest airports in Morocco. Flying to Frankfurt, London or Madrid? Are you going further to the USA yes Asia? Does your plane take off at night, on a public holiday or during school holidays? No problem.

We take care of you directly at your home. In short, we put at your disposal an attentive taxi driver, experienced in Marrakech and with a high-end vehicle with all comfort.

Important information about Marrakech Casablanca taxi rides

* Marrakech Casabalanca taxi fares are not set by cities or districts
* The price of Marrakech taxis are up to date
* It is binding for all taxis and taxi companies in the compulsory traffic area and cannot be exceeded or underestimated
* This is ensured by officially calibrated taximeters installed in taxis

How much does a Marrakech Casablanca taxi cost?

The price of a Marrakech Casablanca taxi depends on several factors. This is the route to be taken, the journey time and the taxi fare valid in Marrakech and, if applicable, the time. From these components, the taxi fare can be calculated. So that you don't have to do it by hand, we offer you the possibility to see it above. We take care of the rest and calculate in a few every day the prices for the Marrakech Casablanca taxi ride.

Taxi from Marrakech to Casablanca airport

You want to get to Casablanca Provence airport by taxi from Marrakech 40000 whether it's early in the morning, during the day or late at night, everything is possible.
Travel with confidence to Casablanca airport, but also from Casablanca airport to your home, workplace or the destination of your choice.
we can serve all of the Hérault and its surroundings.
Book your taxi from Marrakech to Casablanca airport in a high-end van.


Your Marrakech Casabllanca taxi reservation by phone 24/7 at +212667158272. Arganier Taxi is also your night and weekend taxi in Marrakech.


Your Arganier Taxi driver is waiting for you at the exit of the plane at Marrakech airport or the train at Marrakech station with a sign in your name.


Arganier Taxi picks you up directly at your home, hotel or business. Booking your taxi Marrakech Casablanca at +212 667-158272


The majority of our drivers accept Visa, Amex and Mastercard. As a precaution, request it when booking.


Think Arganier Taxi for your quick transfers between Marrakech Train Station and Casablanca Airport. Allow about 2h40 for the trip.


The Arganier Taxi group studies all your contract requests. Contact us for a taxi price estimate Marrakech Casablanca.

Your taxi between Marrakech and Casablanca

To the airport
For your Marrakech Casablanca transfers, have the reflex to book a VTC or a Taxi Arganier Taxi. Your driver will pick you up when you get off the plane, with a sign in your name. Avoid the stress of parking and travel with peace of mind. Your driver can pick you up at the arrivals level from Marrakech airport to Casablanca, or vice versa he will take you to the departures level to catch your plane.
You will be able to discover the region of Marrakech Tensift Al Haouz in all serenity: Essaouira, Safi, but also the surrounding nature such as Ourika, Imlil, or the summit of Toubkal.
Enjoy the best drivers at the best prices!
For a national flight, plan to arrive at the airport at least 30 minutes before your takeoff. For an international flight, plan 1 hour.

From the airport
You can ask your driver to pick you up at the airport to reach the city center of Marrakech or the surrounding cities
Your VTC driver can pick you up at the airport and take you to Casablanca from Marrakech. Here are some of the cities where your driver can take you: Essaouira, Agadir, Ouarzazat, Casablanca, Merzouga, Sahara ... etc.
Feel free to search using the search bar at the top of the page for any destination. Your driver will take you there to Casablanca from Marrakech in complete serenity with the utmost professionalism.
Allow 30 minutes to retrieve your baggage from the hold on a domestic flight, and 45 minutes on an international flight. The price is fixed and all inclusive, you pay nothing more on board.

the specialty of our taxi service

For any type of trip, ask for our tailor-made Marrakech Casablanca taxi service.
Our taxi company is based in 3 cities: Marrakech, Essaouira and Casablanca. For the payment of your races, we offer you a monthly payment when your journeys are regular during a month.
Do you want to take advantage of Marrakech Casablanca taxi services? Our company Arganier Taxi offers you to take advantage of all its services to make your journey in complete safety. To do this. Of course, we offer our Marrakech Casablanca taxi service to individuals, whatever their destination. But we are also able to carry out your private, professional or school transport, whatever your child's school level.
Have you just arrived at Marrakech train station? Take advantage of the Marrakech Casablanca taxi service to get to your destination as quickly as possible, but we can also take you to Marrakech train station, Casablanca train station or any other station.

Approved taxi: for a safe journey

For your approved seated medical transport, ask for a taxi service! Our taxi service also offers travel for seated sick people in Europe. Our contracted taxi company will be happy to take care of your various journeys.

Group transport: take advantage of the services of a taxi

Take advantage of a Marrakech Casablanca taxi service that is as punctual as it is pleasant! Our Marrakech Casablanca taxi service extends to group transport. Whether it is a trip to airports, train stations, tourist, private or professional, we have adapted minibuses. You can turn to a professional Marrakech Casablanca taxi company to be sure that your trip goes smoothly.

Ask for a taxi to transport your parcels and mail

Marrakech Casablanca taxi service: the choice of security for your deliveries!
But our Marrakech Casablanca taxi service does not stop at these few travel proposals. Indeed, we can also deliver your parcels or urgent mail. For fast and efficient delivery, contact our company Arganier Taxi.

VTC Marrakesh Casablanca

Airport Shuttle

Do you need a reliable, pleasant and punctual means of transport to get to the airport with complete peace of mind?

Transport of events

Safe travel for your events such as: Weddings, excursions, visits, outings with family or friends, evenings at the discotheque...

Private transportation

We take care of your transport / delivery: Home / station journey, Shopping, Going to the doctor, Going to the hairdresser, Going to the clinic or the hospital, Picking up the children at school...